Bamboo Garden

This project encourages collective living while maintain the privacy for

By 2020, China hopes to move 100 million people from the farming land
into cities. By 2026, more than 250 million rural population might have been
relocated in the cities. How to accommodate this large population in the urban
environment becomes a great challenge.
Relocating these farmers is an opportunity for rethinking the relationship
between residents and their urban living environment. Their original living
environment is quiet, fi lled with outdoor and social activities. In the opposite,
the city life style is rather fast, noisy, isolated from the ground level, and apart
from people.
This project intends to create the sense of living in nature and fi nd an effi cient
collective living life style without scarifying natural living environment. At
community scale, it encourages collective living while maintain the privacy for
individuals. The master plan organizes living unites around a central shared
public yard. The privacy of the houses is maintained through the stream and
fast-grown plants in front of them while the connections are encouraged
through the “outdoor living room” (the enlarged bridges) across the central
In each typical duplex unit, the interaction between neighbours has been
carefully promoted through the locking property confi guration. Outdoor
courtyard for each house encourages outdoor activities, second fl oor
patio allowed controlled interaction with the nearby neighbours.
At urban scale, the community layout is versatile and adaptable to
different land form and climate all cross China. The effi ciency in land
use is economical for government to relocate a large population. Their
life style has been maximised maintained through outdoor community
garden, children’s playground and community activity zones.
The fast-grown natural material, such as bamboo or other local
plants, is used widely to encourage the close interaction with nature.
Relocated farmers are returned to the peace and quiet environment, yet
collaborative community living life style has been achieved.